Wastewater Treatment

SMV (Streamlined Mercury Variance)

The City of Kendallville WPCF focuses on pollution prevention and source control measures to achieve mercury reduction of our effluent.

Staff Training
WPCF personnel complete annual training focused on mercury issues affecting the day to day operations of the plant.

Public Education
Click the following links to explore everything you need to know about mercury and how you can protect your family and the environment:

Mercury Alternatives
Mercury is present in many household cleaners, electronics and everyday devices. There are alternative uses for these products. When there is no alternatives, there is a safe way to handle and dispose of items containing mercury. See the following link for items containing mercury and alternatives: Is Your Home Mercury Free? Mercury Free Alternatives.

Mercury Minimization and Elimination
An ongoing process of identifying sources of potential mercury contamination at the WPCF and from dischargers include a complete inventory and review of all mercury bearing chemicals, equipment and storage areas.