MS4 Program

Public Education and Outreach

An MS4 operator shall develop an SWQMP that includes methods and measurable goals that will be used to inform residents, visitors, public service employees, commercial facilities, industrial facilities and construction site personnel within the MS4 area about the impacts polluted storm water runoff can have on water quality and ways they can minimize their impact on storm water quality. The MS4 operator shall ensure, via documentation showing a reasonable attempt was made to reach all constituents within the MS4 area to meet this measure. Distributing educational materials and performing outreach to inform citizens about the impacts polluted storm water runoff discharges can have on water quality.

Controls include: Creating brochures and fact sheets for public distribution, promoting the City of Kendallville's public website containing educational materials and information about the City's MS4 Program.

Watershed Awareness
Everyone lives in a watershed. A watershed is a system of lakes, rivers and tributaries that convey water to a larger body of water. The City of Kendallville is located in the St. Joseph watershed, our surface waters flow into Lake Michigan through the Bixler Lake Ditch, Round Lake and other small tributaries. Whatever goes into our streams and lakes around Kendallville end up going into Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Watersheds Lake Michigan Watersheds

St. Joe Watershed St. Joe Watershed

Leave it on the Lawn
Phosphorus in fertilizers is know to cause excessive algae growth in our surface waters. When it rains, fertilizers are carried to storm drains by the rain. Keep you lawns green but our waters blue by using low-phosphorus or phosphorus-free fertilizers. Take a look at this brochure to save money and have a healthy lawn.

Rain Gardens
A rain garden is a great way to help manage storm water and beautify your  property. Check out the brochures below to learn more about rain gardens and get some great ideas for your next landscaping project.

Educational Documents

For Kids


Builders and Construction Industry